Refurbished laptops - The cheap types

There is different way to get the cheapest laptops. But of course there is a bad things and a good things if you want to make your decision to buy it. Type?? yeah maybe that is the main factor that influence you and can make you confused. But by Ian E. Wright tips list, you could make your own prospective to some type of cheap refurbish laptops.

The Custom Option
You can customized your refurbished laptop according to your preference. They assemble repaired laptops so that they will match up to the customers' needs. Here the purchaser can stipulate parts of the computer such as processor speed, hard drive, screen size, etc.

The Factory Option
These laptops are new laptops that are returned to the manufacturer because of minor problems like problem with the screen or a dent in its case. These laptops are identified when they are examined by the manufacturer itself.
This laptop will be checked and reformatted and the operating system will be reloaded. They will change the serial number so as to identify that it is a factory refurbished laptop, and it will then be sold by the manufacturer at a cheaper price.

The Used Option
There are times when laptops are used for a time and then sold by their owner for various reasons. It might be that they wanted to upgrade to the latest model. When this laptop is sold off, they will then be upgraded and sold for a much lower price.
This laptop is as good as a latest version. In buying refurbished used laptops one must take note of two things: how many previous users the laptop has had and when was it first purchased. These two things are important for you to determine the type of use the laptop has been subjected to. The date it was first purchased is important because hardware becomes obsolete in about 5 years. So unless the laptop you purchased contains refurbished parts, you should only purchase a refurbished laptop that is no more than 3 years old.
The information above can help you find a good reliable laptop computer that fits your requirement. You just need to consider these tips.
  • There are lots of companies that are selling refurbished laptops, and in order for you to get a cheaper one you have to go around or search the net for the product and model that you desire.
  • You then list the price and compare them after you are done searching.
  • For you to be sure of the reliability of a refurbished laptop you should buy it from reputable companies, just to be safe.
Bottom line, don't be affraid to spend your money on a Refurbish, cause some of this cheap type have some features as good as a new one...

note: article addition by Ian E. wirght.

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