How to optimize your computer speed.

Have Tired to waiting for your computer running? if you have this problem, probably there is a list things that maybe you didn't do. computer has a  very sensitive process especially for the driver. The file in the disk  often have mess that can be caused by the application that have been used for many times and too much. 
Here a tips for you how to optimize your PC.
1) Defragmenting
This is the important part in order to keep your pc speed up. After you work on your computer be sure to analyze your file position in your hard drive. By defragmenting, your pc could be more powerfull and can load your file for fast. you don't have to do this every day, but by do this once in 2 weeks your pc has a faster speed then before.
2) Clear your start up
When you turn on the computer you must be seen many programs running after your log on. these program could make your pc speed down. It is ok as long as you have a big space RAM in your computer. But if you don't then you should delete the program from your start up list that maybe you consider it  is unnecessary. 
Using the Freeware software is the best choices to remove any temporary file on your pc. actually, many files on your computer are difficult to delete it. Thats why you have to use this software. Remember to delete it periodically to safe your space disk.
4) Anti Virus software
computer Virus is the most dangerous thing for you pc. its not just down your speed but also broke your system even you hard drive. Safe all of your system from malware, spyware and others virus type by using the Anti Virus software like AVG, Norton, ANSAV etc.
Bottom line by following These tips, you have solved  of your pc speed problem. if you want to get the best result, you could increase your pc RAM up to 2GB or 4 GB.  

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