Computer and Software - How to Trash your personal anti virus

Sneaky programmers have introduced another gimmick that is bound to destroy the defenses of your system: personal antivirus. From the name itself, you can infer that it is some kind of antivirus only that it is not. It poses as a fake antivirus application which promises to help ward off infections from your computer.

But it has another hidden agenda: it's out there to slowly destroy your files, steal your information, and transfer this private information to an external host. Before you know it, your bank account has been depleted and you're left with a deficit.

Because it looks legitimate enough, this type of deception has managed to lure people into signing up for software registration. And so you enter your credit card information with no clue that you're actually falling into some awful trap. Once they have gotten hold of your credit card, the programmer behind this spyware starts using it up without your knowledge.

Don't let this happen to you. You can avoid this by simply downloading an antivirus program that has already built its reputation among millions of people. When you download an antivirus program, make sure you download directly from the main website. Don't get it from some links on a suspicious-looking website because chances are, that's some rogue application right there.
If you have already made the mistake of downloading it into your computer, don't freak out. There are ways on removing it, although it can take much of your time. But be patient, and soon enough your computer will be infection-free again.

1. Download a clean, legitimate antivirus program into a clean computer. You may use a USB to transfer the program into the infected computer, but make sure you have disabled autorun on both computers.

2. Disconnect from the internet. Stop all programs that are running in the background including all the browsers. You can simply unplug the internet cable from the back of your PC to immediately stop the feed coming from an outside source.

3. Most programs that are running under the name of spyware and adware actually have uninstallers in them. You can use this to remove them or stop the operation. Simply open up the Add/Remove Programs list from the Control Panel. And then select the suspected program and click remove. Reboot the PC so that the current action will take effect.

4. Then download the antivirus program that you have installed from another computer. After downloading, run a full scan, making sure that the level is set to the highest possible scan. It is best to run the antivirus program in the Safe Mode. This way, the infection would have limited powers during the scan.

Did you PC suddenly started running slow? Do you find that programs take a long time to load? You may be infected with a malware or spyware! However, you can get rid of them and have your pc running as brand new again. By using anti spyware software.

source : casey gentle

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