Incredible Laptop Gaming Alienware M11x

Are you ready to discover the new generation of laptop gaming?? I don't think so, cause you must be surprised to see this especially the fanatic pc gamer. I think you will be agreed if I said this stuff "Super Laptop Gaming". No, you don't agree until I show you the specific features of this stuff. Okay guys Check this out...

-15" Graphics Power, 11.6" Portability
The graphics power of a 15-inch laptop is now available in an 11.6 inch form factor! Yes, let that soak in for a second. With the 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M graphics card, gamers are empowered to enjoy a high definition gaming experience, with high frame rates. Not going to be playing games for a few hours? No problem. Switch over to the integrated graphics with BinaryGFX for a boost in battery life.

-High Definition Greatness
Entertainment is best enjoyed in an HD environment and the M11x is built to deliver HD content in all its glory. The 11.6-inch, white LED backlit display features a 720p resolution of 1366x768 so you can enjoy HD games and movies without compromise... even when you're on the road. Want to check out a movie or play on a larger screen? No problem. Just use the DisplayPort or HDMI output to connect to a monitor or television3 and let your friends and family enjoy the show.

-CPU and Memory and HDD
For gaming, photo editing, and HD video encoding enthusiasts, the optional Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo  SU7300 processor has plenty of power for running demanding applications in the background while working on other tasks. Add on up to 8GB DDR3 1066HMz memory4 and an optional 500GB5 7,200RPM hard drive and your multitasking maniac tendencies will be satisfied.

Its leaned back side profile gives the appearance of speed… At the main top surface, the geometry peaks at the center, creating a subtle spine... From the center, the top surface angles down, then rolls into the side surface. Design definition of the M11x.
In addition to all of the gaming greatness the M11x delivers, you can get up to 8.5 hours1 of battery life1 (preliminary) while running on integrated graphics! all with a laptop that weighs less than 4.5 pounds2.

Okay so, how's that sound?? pretty cool huh? imagine that you can discover all the game that you want and all in one stuff. you can get it on Dell website.

Let me know if you have any comments..

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