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"The big iphone", called ipad is currently has been release by Apple. It was answered the rumours about Apple tablet. How is that look?, well.. armed with 9.7-inches display, just a half-inch thick, weighing just a pound and a half, make this stuff is really big than the other iphone.  But, if you look at the featured that embedded on ipad, I'm pretty sure you gonna want this incredible iphone.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth are enabled on ipad which make it perfect for connection and also  that an iPhone can do—including e-mail, Web browsing, calendar and event managements, photos, music and video, and apps (it'll be able to run "virtually" any app in the App Store). You'll also be able to buy books on the new iBooks store (more on that in a minute) and work on office documents using a custom version of Apple's iWork suite, all with the help on a virtual, nearly full-size QWERTY keypad.

Another new feature: a trio of productivity apps based on Apple's existing iWork suite, including Pages (for word processing), Numbers (spreadsheet), and Keynote (presentations). As you might expect, each app ($9.99 each in the App Store) takes advantage of all the iPad's touch features; for example, in Numbers, you can call up a specific virtual keypad for entering cell functions, which is a nice touch. Read Patterson blog for more information.

It is not at all, there is 3G features that will be available as well. you can paid for this features and its about $29 per month for unlimited data, $14 per month for 250 Mb data with no-contract plans for AT&T. So, what about ipad pricing?  just $499 for the entry-level 16GB model, far less than the $999 price tag that many had predicted (and/or feared). You'll also be able to get a 32GB version for $599, while the 64GB flavor will cost you $699. 
iPads with embedded 3G will cost$150 $130 above and beyond the price of the non-3G versions (so $629 for the 16GB version, $729 for the 32GB model, and so on).

But,there is a missing features on ipad apple, that is No built-in camera (so no, there's no facial recognition that would, for instance, automatically identify different family members and switch to their personalized iPad view). No TV subscriptions (as had been previously rumored). No Flash support for the Web browser.  No app multitasking. No haptic feedback for the virtual QWERTY keypad ... and indeed, nothing all that new on the UI front at all.

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